Electric Power transformers

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Power Transformer Portal is a platform to discuss, advise and suggest correct transformers required for various industrial applications. We also suggest which type of transformer and specification suit user requirement. Here, we help "How to choose Transformer" and "How to install Transformer". In this portal one can get each and every information about Power Transformers.

We also help which capacity ranges transformer (66kv – 20MVA) suit the user or industry. Our services and solutions related to transformer information covers the specific details about the different applications in such areas as Textile Industry, Steel Industry, Tea Estates, Poultry, horticulture, mining industry , Oil Gas industry, High Rise Commercial Complex, High Rise Residential Complex and in fact any area that is dependent on electricity.


Power Transformers are important electrical devices that are mostly used for domestic consumption as well as industrial needs. These transformers involve more benefits with less expenditure. An iron-core transformer having a primary winding that is connected to an alternating-current power line and one or more secondary windings that provide different alternating voltage values.

Transformer Types